David gets some additional hours, further funding required!

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The Scholarship was set up in the memory of Wing Commander Thomas Murray DSO, DFC* MID. 

The Scholarship Scheme was established to give the winning candidate 15 hours flying time in a DH Chipmunk aircraft and flown at Boultbee Flight Academy. The Scheme was set up primarily to encourage young people of the correct attitude and aptitude to pursue further flying training. In line with the mission of the Air Cadets, the aim is to support them in their future careers, be that in aviation or elsewhere, however it was not categorically for the air cadets but also for any local teenagers that could demonstrate a commitment and interest to aviation.

The winner of the scheme in 2017 was David Agate from Barnham, West Sussex who was also an air cadet from 461 Squadron at Chichester. 

It is hoped that further scholarships will be offered in 2018 subject to fund raising.  

Latest News:-  Thanks to the donation of items by Chris Walker who flies at Goodwood we have been able to raise a further £1600 for David to continue with Boultbee Flight Academy up to 21 hours from his original allocation of 16 hours. Boultbee Flight Academy have also promised to help Finish Davids  PPL if we can get him close to the 45 hour mark. If there are any benefactors out there who want to help raise the £7200 pounds required please contact me.  It would be great to see David Finnish his PPL on the DH Chipmunk. 

Thanks to all of you who have supported us with this venture 


Over the past few months, I have had the privilege to learn to fly a De Havilland Chipmunk T10, a very unique and special aircraft in my eyes. Every moment from the start has been sensational as well as memorable. On the journey so far, I have experienced different challenges and moments I will never forget in the future.

The first time I climbed into the cockpit it was like stepping back in time, it really was like no other aircraft I have been in. The little cockpit, stick and rudder and bubble canopy all contribute to the personality of this plane. Sitting in the front of the tandem cockpit is one thing that makes the training that much more amazing. A few hours in I found when I strapped it to my back I became one with it.

­­From the start each lesson has been extremely interesting and often the things I thought would be simple turned out to be relatively difficult. One example of this, was ground manoeuvring and take offs. I found it hard to keep the plane straight on the runway at the start, so much so that during one departure I found myself nearly colliding with cones on the edge of the runway. At times it was frustrating when I couldn’t perform well even trying my best still not understanding what was going wrong, but with a great instructor and practice everything became clearer to me and it is now a lot simpler.

Once, during one of my earlier lessons this summer, I remember taxing back to hanger 8 and having control of the aircraft. I made the mistake of taking a moment to admire the view of one the Spitfires coming into land next to us. That moment I really struggled to control the aircraft and had to stop to avoid a collision with a marker board. After being told that when my attention on the plane had been lost, my control over the aircraft had turned poor. From then on I understood that from the moment I start the engine until it is off again, I must fully concentrate and only focus on flying the plane.  

In my opinion, my best experience yet during this scholarship was the day I flew my first solo circuit. It was my best achievement so far and to accomplish something that I have been dreaming about for many years was ecstatic. It was interesting to see and feel how the plane performed so much better with just one person inside, how much less control input you need.

In addition, another highlight was when I was taught to recover a spin, a fascinating subject but when in practice it was like nothing I have ever experienced before. When in the spin, everything happened so quickly and when it came to recover, it felt very alien because of how much I needed to move the controls. During most of the training, flying has been very smooth and controlling the plane only required small movements.  Whereas during this flight, I had to be much firmer with the controls to get results. One thing I shall not forget was getting told to “bend the rudder bar” which really makes sense now.

To conclude, I have to say that since flying at Boultbee I have had the best few months of my life and met some incredible people who have all welcomed me into this wonderful world of flying. My knowledge in aviation has expanded so much due to learning of different aspects around the airfield. My lifelong passion has become a reality and I cannot thank enough those who have worked hard for me to have this once in a life time opportunity. The Chipmunk is a brilliant plane, with great characteristics and I look forward to my future experiences with it.

For more information please contact me through this web site .